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  • Diabetology


    Diabetology Narayana Health is one of the best diabetes hospitals in India for diabetic screenings and diabetes or prediabetes treatment. Our team of expert diabetologist...

  • Electrophysiology


    Electrophysiology Narayana Health provides comprehensive care for patients with heart rhythm problems. Electrophysiologists at Narayana Health Hospitals are experienced...

  • Heart Transplant

    Heart Transplant

    Artificial Heart and Heart Transplant Heart disease is rapidly becoming a major health concern in our country. What is alarming is that many of these patients are young...

  • Infectious Diseases

    Infectious Diseases

    Infectious Diseases Infectious diseases are disorders caused by microorganisms. Germs or microbes are found everywhere - in the air, water or soil; many microorganisms li...

  • Medical Labs

    Medical Labs

    Lab Laboratory Medicine at Narayana Health's group of hospitals is one of the most efficient laboratory medicine setups in the country. Across all our hospitals, we have...

  • Cardiology - Paediatric

    Cardiology - Paediatric

    Cardiology Paediatric Pediatric cardiology at a National Health Organization is about providing the diagnosis and treatment of cardiology diseases in infants and children...