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  • Orthopaedics


    Orthopaedics Narayana Health, the best orthopedic hospital in India provides comprehensive and world-class orthopaedic services. This department offers specialized care...

  • Kidney Transplant - Adult

    Kidney Transplant - Adult

    Kidney Transplant - Adult For patients with compromised kidney function and advanced chronic kidney diseases three treatment options are available- haemodialysis, peri...

  • Diabetology


    Diabetology Narayana Health is one of the best diabetes hospitals in India for diabetic screenings and diabetes or prediabetes treatment. Our team of expert diabetologist...

  • Gynaecology - Oncology

    Gynaecology - Oncology

    Gynaecology Oncology Narayana Health Cancer Institutes offers a specialist surgical service for the prevention, diagnosis, staging, treatment & care of women with gy...

  • E.N.T


    E.N.T he ENT department at Narayana Health caters to ailments associated with ear, nose and throat and offers a full range of ENT services with a very high standard of ca...

  • Reproductive Medicine

    Reproductive Medicine

    Reproductive Medicine Males and Females need to have an excellent reproductive system to have a healthy sexual life and to become pregnant. Reproductive health issues ar...

  • Gastrointestinal Oncology

    Gastrointestinal Oncology

    Gastrointestinal Oncology Cancer is one of the leading causes resulting in deaths, disorders, and disabilities, worldwide. Among all the organ cancers, gastrointestinal t...

  • Blood Bank

    Blood Bank

    Blood Bank Blood drives life, it’s constantly circulating within the human body ensuring that all essential substances like nutrition, oxygen reach all different parts of...

  • Emergency Medicine

    Emergency Medicine

    Emergency Medicine Medical emergencies are increasing at an exponential rate every day. Every Indian hospital encounters an increasing number of acute cases in the form o...