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  • Microbiology


    Microbiology Why choose NH for Microbiology? At Narayana Health, many of our laboratories are NABL & JCI accredited and provide 24/7 services. The Microbiology...

  • Radiology


    Radiology At Narayana Health, we offer a wide variety of diagnostic radiology examinations and interventional procedures with state-of-the-art technology. Our team of rad...

  • Orthopaedics


    Orthopaedics Narayana Health, the best orthopedic hospital in India provides comprehensive and world-class orthopaedic services. This department offers specialized care...

  • Spine Surgery

    Spine Surgery

    Spine Surgery What is spinal surgery? The Spine or vertebral column is an important, complicated structure that houses the Spinal Cord and serves as a pillar to support t...

  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

    Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

    Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Physiotherapy provides services to develop maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan. Th...

  • Lab


    Lab Laboratory Medicine at Narayana Health's group of hospitals is one of the most efficient laboratory medicine setups in the country. Across all our hospitals, we have...

  • Ophthalmology


    Ophthalmology Narayana Multispeciality Health provides state-of-the-art care for all facets and stages of eye conditions. We use the latest techniques and therapies to a...

  • Pathology


    Human Pathology DEFINITION The word ‘Pathology’ is derived from two Greek words: Pathos- meaning suffering, and logos - meaning study. Pathology is the branch of science...

  • Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology

    Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology

    Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology Narayana Health offers comprehensive psychiatric assessments for all age groups, management of common and enduring mental illnesses w...