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Kidney Transplant - Adult

The Kidney Transplant team at Narayana Health is among the most experienced and skilled in India. Our Transplant Specialists work together to perform Complex Transplant cases.

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Kidney Transplant - Adult

Often kidney function is not optimized and advanced chronic kidney diseases are diagnosed. For such patients have three options available to manage this problem - haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or the kidney transplant. Depending on age and the stage of the kidney disease, an nephrologist decides the course of treatment. A successful kidney transplant when indicated provides a better quality of life as it prevents long-term issues related to dialysis.

A relatively new procedure Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy which is minimally invasive is performed in donor surgeries for transplantation. In this procedure the donor’s kidney is surgically removed through a keyhole. This becomes a boon for the donor since the recovery process is very quick.

Our experienced surgeons ensure care that gives a speedy recovery, renewed strength and vigour for a fresh start in life. The support of our excellent infrastructure and advanced diagnostic facility only adds to our ability to ensure happy endings.

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