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Infectious Diseases

Our team of Experts diagnose and provide treatment for wide range of Complicated Infections.

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Infectious Diseases

The doctors at Narayana Health can provide treatment to various complicated infectious diseases, ranging from parasitic infections to rare complexities. Our team is comprised of skilled physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dieticians to provide the highest quality comprehensive care to both inpatients and outpatients.

Infectious Diseases (ID) is a sub-speciality of General/Internal Medicine, which helps in the management of patients with complicated infections. Traditionally simple, short-term infections are seen under General Medicine but the more complicated infections are referred to the sub-specialty of ID. ID specialists are relatively few in India at this point. Unlike many other specialities training programs in India for this field are very few. Good and appropriate laboratory back-up is crucial in this speciality.

At NH, ID specialists manage referred patients from other specialists in the hospital and help out in the management of complicated infections. We also see referred patients in the OPD with complex conditions.

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