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Head & Neck Surgery - Oncology

The Department of Head and Neck Oncology at Narayana Health offers treatment of Diseases and Tumours related to the Head and Neck.

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Head & Neck Surgery - Oncology

Our hospitals have a team of globally recognized surgical oncologists, ENT, otolaryngologists, audiologists as well as pain and palliative specialists for Head and Neck Cancer. We emphasise on organ preservation and restoration of form, function by reconstructive surgery, radiation treatment and rehabilitation.

    Thyroid Clinic - For Personalised Thyroid Care Under One Roof

    The Thyroid Clinic at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre in NH Health City offers 'Same day Thyroid Care' to patients who might have a thyroid related abnormality and could later be diagnosed with cancer.

    Key Features of the Clinic:

    • Same day consultation with Head & Neck Onco Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Radiologists, Pathologists, and Nuclear Physicians.
    • Faster decision on the treatment plan with a multidisciplinary discussion.
    • Detailed Neck Ultrasonography and Ultrasound-Guided Thyroid Nodule Biopsy.
    • Experienced Pathologists to interpret the Cytology.
    • Meticulous pre-surgery lymph node mapping.
    • A well-equipped Iodine Whole Body Scan and FDG-PET Scan.
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