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Dor Procedure

Dor Procedure

The Dor procedure has been pioneered by experienced cardiac surgeons at Narayana Health and has become a well-accepted one, the world over.

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Dor Procedure for Left Ventricular Reconstruction

Following a myocardial infarction or heart attack, the area of infarction often leaves behind a non-functional scar. This can lead to the dilatation of the heart over a period of time. The heart can also change its shape from a normal elliptical one to a globular one, resulting in the reduction of heart function; this can lead to heart failure. By an operation called Linear Endoventricular Patch plasty or commonly called Modified Dor's procedure, the elliptical shape of the heart is restored, thus restoring its normal pump function. This procedure is done in isolation or along with the routine CABG. This procedure has been pioneered by surgeons at Narayana Health and has become a well-accepted one, the world over. In fact, this modification is considered to be better than the original Dor's procedure. Surgeons at NH have aced this procedure after performing it on a large number of patients.

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