Dedicated Thyroid Clinic launched at Narayana Health City on World Head & Neck Cancer Day | Narayana Health

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July 27, 2017

Dedicated Thyroid Clinic launched at Narayana Health City on World Head & Neck Cancer Day

Bengaluru, July 27, 2017: Today, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center, Narayana Health City, launched a dedicated thyroid clinic with a team of professionals from Head & Neck department and associated specialities with trained nurses and paramedical staff. The clinic will comprise of a multidisciplinary panel of doctors including, Head & Neck Onco Surgeons, Endocrinologist, Radiologist, Pathologist and Nuclear Physician who will be involved in ‘same day assessment’ for Thyroid Cancer, which is one of the unique features of the clinic. Some of the tests as part of the assessment would include Endocrinology clinical examination with Consultation, a Thyroid function test (Blood test) and USG. The services can be availed through appointments by dialing 186-02080208. Thyroid disorders are one of the conditions that is treatable and yet ignored by many. While hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism does not increase the risk of thyroid cancer, factors like pre-existing thyroid diseases such as goiter or inflammation can lead to thyroid cancer.

Emphasizing on the need of an exclusive clinic, Dr. Moni Abraham Kuriakose, Head of Surgical – Oncology and Senior Consultant, Head & Neck Onco-surgeon, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center, Narayana Health City, said, “Bangalore is one of the metropolitan cities where thyroid disorders especially thyroid cancer is growing. In fact, among the head and neck cancer, thyroid is the leading site of cancer among women in the city. According to the PBCRs (Population Based Cancer Registry Report) thyroid cancer accounts for 4.0% and is higher than mouth cancer. This considerable rise calls for a dedicated diagnostic and treatment facility. This clinic launch is our first step towards providing the comprehensive care needed to treat thyroid disorders.”

Thyroid is one of the endocrine glands that produce hormones in the body. It controls many of the metabolic activities in the body. According to the International journal of current microbiology and applied sciences around 300 million people in the world suffer from thyroid disorders and among them about 42 million people are from India.