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Dr. Ashok Thorat

DNB (General Surgery),
Fellowship in HPB & Liver Transplantation (Taiwan),
Masters in Hepatic Surgery & Liver Transplantation (Taiwan),
FIASGO (Greece) Senior Consultant

  • SpecialityLiver Transplant & HPB Surgery

  • HospitalMumbai - SRCC Children's Hospital


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Brief Profile

Dr. Ashok Thorat is a Senior Consultant at SRCC Children’s Hospital, managed by Narayana Health with an experience of over 10 years. He completed his MBBS from Pune University, Maharashtra and DNB (General surgery) from National Board, New Delhi. He then pursued FIASGO Fellowship in HPB Surgery from Athens Medical Centre, Greece. He further pursued IHPBA approved Clinical Fellowship in HPB and Liver Transplantation from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan and Masters in Hepatic Surgery & Liver Transplantation from China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan.

Dr. Ashok Thorat is the first Indian doctor to pursue master’s training in liver surgery in Taiwan and also only Indian doctor who have ever worked in Taiwan for more than 5 years.

Dr. Ashok Thorat is well trained in SICU management, with special interest in management of ICU of Liver Transplant recipients. He has gained advanced laparoscopic training in Hepato-Biliary Surgery with special interest in Robotic Liver surgeries. Dr. Thorat is also trained in complex Adult as well pediatric live donor liver transplantation and postoperative management and has done extensive clinical research work in this field.

He has presented several scientific papers / posters / presentations in National & International Journals and Conferences and is a recipient of many awards. Dr. Ashok Thorat has more than 60 publications and more than 70 international posters to his credit and his research work continues to expand.

He has been an international faculty presenter in more than 10 international conferences.


  • DNB (General Surgery)
  • Fellowship in HPB & Liver Transplantation (Taiwan)
  • Masters in Hepatic Surgery & Liver Transplantation (Taiwan)
  • FIASGO (Greece)

Fields of Experience

  • Trauma surgery
  • Hepatic and Pancreatic trauma
  • Robotic Liver surgeries
  • Complex live donor liver transplantation
  • Liver cancer surgeries

Awards & Recognition

  • Travel Fellowship award IASGO 2015 international conference
  • Best abstract award CAST 2015 Singapore
  • Travel Fellowship award IASGO 2016 international conference at Seoul, South Korea
  • Poster of Distinction award in ATC 2017 international conference held at Chicago in May 2017
  • Travelling fellowship award at ‘5000 LDLT’ Asan Medical Center international conference 2018, Seoul, South Korea

Professional Memberships & Certifications

  • ILTS Visiting surgeon in department of organ transplantation, CMUH, Taiwan


  • Thorat A, Li PC, Jeng LB, et al. Hepatic artery reconstruction in living donor liver transplantation using surgical loupes: Achieving low rate of hepatic arterial thrombosis in consecutive 741 recipients- Tips and tricks to overcome the poor hepatic arterial flow. Liver Transpl 2017; 23 (7): 887-898.
  • Thorat A, Jeng LB, Yang HR, et al. Assessing the role of everolimus in reducing the HCC recurrence after living donor liver transplantation for patients within UCSF criteria: Re-inventing the Role of Mammalian Target of Rapamycine Inhibitors. Ann Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg 2017; 21(4):205-11.
  • Thorat A, Li PC, Jeng LB, et al. Successful application of supraceliac aortohepatic conduit using saphenous venous graft in right lobe living donor liver transplantation. Liver transpl 2017; 23: 976-980.
  • Thorat A, Horng-Ren Yang, Jeng LB, et al. Living Donor Liver Transplantation in patients of Acute Liver Failure with grade IV encephalopathy: Is deep hepatic coma still an absolute contraindication? Single center successful experience. Ann Transplant 2018; 23: (In press) DOI: 10.12659/AOT.907274.
  • Thorat A, Jeng LB. Management of renal dysfunction in liver cirrhosis patients: role of pre-transplant hemodialysis and outcome after liver transplantation. Sem Vasc Surg 2016; 29 (4): 227-235.
  • Thorat A, Jeng LB, Hsu SC, et al. Reconstruction of the portal vein with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene jump graft in living donor liver transplantation in recipients with complete portal vein thrombosis: A feasible and safe alternative. Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology 2018; 23(1): 16-20.39.
  • Jeng LB, Thorat A, Yang HR, Li PC. Venous outflow reconstruction in living donor liver transplantation: Dealing with venous anomalies. World J Transplant 2015; 5 (4): 145-153.
  • Thorat A, Jeng LB, Yang HR, Li PC, Li ML, Yeh CC, Chen TH, Hsu SC, Poon KS. Outflow Reconstruction for Right Liver Allograft with Multiple Hepatic Veins: “V-Plasty” of hepatic veins to form a Common Outflow Channel vs Two or More Hepatic Vein-to-Inferior Vena Cava Anastomoses in limited retrohepatic space. Liver Transpl 2016; 2: 192-200.
  • Thorat A, Hsu SC, Jeng LB, et al. ABO-Incompatible Living Donor Liver Transplantation with Reduced Rituximab dose: A retrospective analysis of 65 patients- Can we fast track liver transplant surgery and achieve long term survival? Ann Transplant 2020; 25:e923502 DOI: 10.12659/AOT.923502.
  • Thorat A, Chou HS, Lee CF, Soong RS, Chan KM, Lee WC. Effects of converting tacrolimus formulation from twice-daily to once-daily in liver transplantation recipients. Biomedical Research International 2014. vol. 2014, Article ID 265658, 7 pages, 2014. doi:10.1155/2014/265658.

Key Procedures Performed

  • First article to describe the LDLT with abdominal wall reconstruction for HCC patient with cutaneous tumor seeding as a single stage procedure
  • IVC resection and reconstruction for HCC invading the IVC
  • More than 1000 complex hepatectomy experience for liver cancer

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Marathi, Mandarin