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Narayana Heart Centre is a unique service model aimed to deliver quality cardiac care services to the mass in Kolar district. To ease the time lost in the transit to the city and other centres and to better the chances of survival during cardiac emergencies, Narayana Heart Centre has established a specialty cardiac care unit in Kolar in partnership with RL Jalappa Hospital, Kolar.

RL Jalappa Narayana Heart Centre is a dedicated cardiac care facility aimed to provide quality cardiac care service with high quality and compassion. Our services are also designed at affordable costs to meet the needs of all the sections of our society.

The Heart Centre is an exclusive heart centre that has the most modern dedicated Cath Lab, fully-equipped Operation Theatre and an array of post-operative Intensive Care Units assisted by a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced Cardiologists are available 24/7 to meet all cardiac conditions.

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