Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre, M S Ramaiah Nagar, Bangalore: Timings, Location, Reviews

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Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre is an advanced cardiac care centre situated at Ramaiah Narayana Memorial Hospital in the heart of Bangalore. The centre specialises in treating cardiac emergencies, rhythm disturbances of the heart, heart failure management as well as major cardiac surgeries including heart transplants.

In a very short span of time the centre has built a reputation for excellent cardiac care, it routinely receives critically ill patients from across the state and has performed an impressive 12 heart transplants in just a little over a year.

The facility is NABH accredited, featuring state-of-the-art medical infrastructure including the first high-tech 3D electro-anatomical mapping system in the state, used in the treatment of complex heart rhythm problems. The digital Cath lab at the centre is one of the best in its class; capable of performing complex cardiac invasive procedures. With dedicated Operating Theatres, the centre is capable of performing up to 4 cardiac surgeries every day, providing world-class cardiac care to patients.

The team at Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre consists of highly skilled doctors and surgeons with extensive experience in treating both paediatric and adult cardiac cases.  Along with a team of dedicated medical and technical staff, they represent Narayana Health’s dedication to providing comprehensive cardiac care to all.