Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorders

Heart Rhythm Disorders or Arrhythmia which are serious can be treated with medication, medical devices, and procedures including surgery and vagal manoeuvres. Serious HRD cases are likely to cause complications like stroke, heart failure and sudden cardiac arrest.

Most HRD are considered harmless and require no treatment. Once your doctor has recognized that you have a Heart Rhythm Disorder, he or she will evaluate whether it is uncharacteristic or simply reveals the heart's normal functioning. The doctor will also determine whether the symptoms put the patient risk for more grave disorders or impediments in the future.

  • The treatment for heart rhythm disorder is intended,
  • Prevent blood clots to reduce the risk of stroke
  • Control the patient’s heart rate
  • Restore a normal heart rhythm
  • Treat heart conditions that may cause a HRD
  • Reduce other risk factors that might cause heart disease and stroke
  • Alternative treatments and supplements

Many unconventional remedies are available to treat Heart Rhythm Disorders; relaxation techniques and yoga can also help reduce irregular heart rates in certain disorders. However, taking the wrong supplements or medications and undergoing the wrong treatments can do more damage than good. Consult your doctor before beginning or altering a treatment plan.


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