Best Electrophysiologist in Bangalore

Dr. V.S. Prakash, Electrophysiologist

Dr. V.S. Prakash is a Heart Specialist in Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology, based in Bangalore. He is one of the few Cardiac Electrophysiologists practising in the region and he currently works at M S Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre.

Dr. V.S. Prakash holds an MD in Medicine from BMC, Bangalore and a DM in Cardiology from KMC Manipal. He also completed his Fellowship in Cardiac Clinical Electrophysiology at Veterans General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dr. Prakash is among the few Cardiologists who are well versed as primary operator for various arrhythmias including AVNRT, WPW and other Accessory Path, Atrial and Ventricular tachycardia (ischemic and non-ischemic), Atrial Flutter and Pulmonary Vein Ablation for Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. He has performed ablations for complex arrhythmias such as Atrial tachycardia in post mitral valve replacement, Percutaneous Epicardial mapping and ablation for complex ventricular tachycardia using 3D electroanatomical mapping (CARTO), He is the first in India to perform catheter-based ablation for Atrial Fibrillation in the year 1999.

Dr. Prakash regularly performs interventional electrophysiology procedures for management of heart rhythm disorders, which includes Electrophysiology (EP) studies and Radiofrequency ablations (RFA) including RF ablations under 3-D mapping for SVT, VT and Atrial fibrillation, besides specialization in performing Implantable devices such as Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) and Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT-D/CRT-P).

Dr. Prakash also has wealth of experience in Coronary interventions, including complex Coronary Angioplasties. He also deals with the devices for structural heart diseases like ASD and PDA.

Qualifications and Fellowships

  • MD, BMC Bangalore

  • DM, KMC, Manipal University

  • Fellowship in Cardiac Clinical Electrophysiology, Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Fellowship in SCAI, the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions, USA

  • Fellowship in ACC – American College of Cardiology

  • Fellowship in ESC – European Society of Cardiology

Awards / Achievements

  • Awarded the Mahindra & Mahindra/Nightingale Award for one of the 10 leading personalities in the field of Medicine in 2003.

  • CSI Bangalore Chapter - President's medal for president's oration, Annual CSI Chapter

  • Regularly invited faculty to various International Cardiac Electrophysiology and pacing conferences – Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society, Venice Heart Rhythm Society as also all National Cardiology Conferences.

  • He has authored 41 original articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 34 abstracts in International Conferences and 4 chapters in textbooks.


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