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  • Dr. Shreesha Rao

    Dr. Shreesha Rao

    Consultant MS, FVAS

    • SpecialityVascular Surgery

    • HospitalBellary - Jindal Sanjeevani Multispeciality Hospital, Shimoga - Narayana Multispecialty Clinic, Shimoga, Shimoga - Sahyadri Narayana Multispeciality Hospital

    • Bellary
The goal at Narayana Hospital, through the vascular surgery department is to offer the best vascular care and education to the people of this nation. Care is provided on the principle of prevention, essential endovascular treatment, and a rigid follow-up of patients. This is to prevent the occurrence of strokes in high-risk groups, minimise death and disability due to rupture of aneurysms, prevent amputations in diabetics, and avoid blood clotting in lower limbs in individuals at risk (e.g. pregnant women). The vascular surgery department at Narayana Health is very busy all year round, performing upward of 1,200 open and around 800 endovascular procedures every year. Additionally, a large number of aortic aneurysm repairs are performed. The department of vascular surgery works hand in hand with other specialisations to provide care and prevent the development of complications in patients with atherosclerosis, a highly prevalent problem in India. When an atherosclerotic plaque becomes fragile, it can rupture and lead to blood clots that can inhibit blood flow; or the clot can break-off and travel in the circulation to another part of the body where it can wreak havoc. The multidisciplinary approach at Narayana Health makes sure the patient receives the best care possible. Narayana Health is the best place for any vascular surgery related needs in Shimoga. Book an appointment to see a doctor at the earliest. Appointments can be made either through a phone call or via the hospital website.
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