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The department of urology at Narayana Health has the facilities for a large variety of simple and also highly specialised investigations and treatments. With exceptional expertise in all the facets of urological care, Narayana Health is at the top of the food chain. The department of urology at Narayana Health is one among a few centres that offer much specialised tests like video urodynamics and template prostate biopsy in the country. Narayana Health was also among the first to introduce steroid-free immunosuppression in kidney transplant surgeries. This reduces the risk of infections due to steroids, a very common occurrence in transplant patients. Infections are due to the general suppression of the immune system that steroids bring about. The common diseases treated at Narayana Health are: incontinence ? most commonly seen as a natural consequence of ageing, erectile dysfunction, swelling of the prostate gland, UTIs (urinary tract infections), cancers of the various associated structures (bladder, prostate), prolapse of different organs ? common in women, passage of blood in the urine, painful bladder syndrome. Due to its coverage of a wide range of diseases and the high quality of care provided, Narayana Health has the best urologists in Shimoga. Book an appointment if you suffer from any of the above mentioned illnesses. Appointments can be made either by a simple phone call or through the website.
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