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Physiotherapy is a restorative field of medicine. It offers services to maintain, restore, and re-learn optimal movement and functionality that is essential for the smooth living of one’s life. These services are applicable in scenarios where normal movement and function of the body is at-risk due to progressing age, trauma resulting in injury, sports injuries, disease, environmental factors, etc. Being functionally able is indicative of a healthy human being. The main focus of physiotherapy is to identify the restricting factors, and find ways to improve quality of life by removing these restricting forces. The principle of physiotherapy is to take the quality of life to its highest potential through the promotion of healthy living, prevention of disability, treatment of existent disabilities, and rigorous rehabilitation. This will ensure physical, mental, social health. Physical therapy requires a healthy relationship between the therapist, the patient, other health care providers, the family of the patient, and the community. The whole process involves assessing the situation, setting up tangible goals, and ensuring that the goals are achieved with help from everyone involved. The functions of a physiotherapist are many, some of them are: comprehensively examining the patient and understanding the needs of the patient, evaluating the results of an examination and making an educated judgement, creating a plan for therapy, arrange for consultation with other departments if necessary, help patient become self-sufficient. Narayana Health Group has the best physiotherapists in Shimoga by a mile. Book an appointment for a consult and get any physical ailments treated immediately. An appointment can be made through the website, or by a simple phone call.