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The pathology lab at Narayana Health Group provides quick results on histology and cytology samples received from the various clinical departments. Pathology is important to confirm a diagnosis and help chalk out the appropriate treatment. The pathology department, known for its accuracy and efficiency, receives a large volume of smears and samples for analysis. Additionally, reports are drawn for tissue biopsies, cancer biopsies, and more complicated resections of diseased organs. Neuropathology is another service available at the Narayana Health Group pathology lab in Shimoga. In neuropathology, samples of nerves, the spine, or brain tissue are analysed to rule out disease or malignancy. Specimens obtained through fluid cytology and fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) are also examined and an analysis provided. The lab has a significantly large panel of immunohistochemical markers to help diagnose an assortment of diseases, also to perform therapeutic and prognostic immunohistochemical tests. The lab is also stocked with special histochemical stains that can be applied to a specimen as and when required and supplements a diagnosis. The pathology lab at Narayana Health Group has all the modern amenities required in a lab, meeting international standards. It is the best pathology lab in Shimoga. Book an appointment with the pathology department either through the website, or a phone call.