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A stroke or a transient ischemic attack is the main cause for morbidity and additionally, it is third among causes of mortality in India. Narayana Health uses a modern method called a Temporary Endovascular Bypass (TEB) in the treatment of stroke. There exist a number of neurological interventions that can be used in the treatment of common and debilitating neurological disorders that are practiced at Narayana Health. The key to treating strokes is to raise awareness; the adage ?prevention is better than cure? applies here. Narayana Health provides thorough care and treatment for stroke and epilepsy, which includes the evaluation and rehabilitation of neuromuscular defects, which are treated according to a specific protocol. The commonly seen neurological disorders are: autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, fainting spells, unprovoked syncope, tension headaches, migraine, backache due to nerve problems, spine issues, memory loss, age related dementia, Parkinson?s disease, stroke, cancers, meningitis, sleep disorders, trauma. Narayana Health specializes in Interventional Neurology and Neuro-Rehabilitation. Interventional neurology uses minimally invasive procedures and imaging techniques, like different types of scans for the diagnosis and treatment of neurovascular disorders (diseases affecting the blood vessels of the brain and spine). The diseases covered by this interventional neurology are strokes, aneurysms and malformation of blood vessels. Stenting, coiling, and embolization techniques are used to treat the disorders of blood vessels. Neuro-Rehabilitation fulfills the need to help disabled patients return to their normal lives, so they can once again become contributing members of society. Narayana Health provides counseling, the necessary care, and routine follow-ups to ensure progress. The aim here is to enhance quality of life. Book an appointment either via phone call or through the website.
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