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A medical oncologist is a doctor who has been specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. An oncologist is usually the primary health care provider in the case of a patient with cancer. Also among the responsibilities of an oncologist is providing supportive care, and the coordination of treatments being administered by other departments. Over the last few years, cancer survival rates have gone up due to: enhanced efforts by governments and healthcare providers to minimize exposure to risk factors, improved and more easily available screening facilities, and improved quality of treatment. Medical oncologists are required to work with surgical oncologists, and pathologists to ensure the best outcome. Narayana Health Group’s Department of Oncology offers cancer therapy provided by a highly experienced team of medical oncologists with years of experience in diagnosis and planning treatments. They provide treatment with chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted, and biological therapy. Putting the vast experience of the oncologists with state-of-the-art facilities results is a winning combination. The department of oncology also has a number of non-surgical options for the treatment of cancer. Patients are advised to visit a doctor, preferably an oncologist, as soon as they notice something untoward or out of the ordinary. To book an appointment with a clinical oncologist visit the website, or call Narayana Health Group, Shimoga.