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Head and neck tumours comprise tumours of the mouth, throat, the nose and nasal cavities, the sinuses, the larynx, thyroid, and base of the skull. Head and neck tumours can be either metastatic or benign. Tumours with metastatic potential need to be treated immediately to avoid spread to other sites. Benign tumours although not dangerous by themselves, can be cause for concern if they compress nerves or blood vessels and therefor require surgical intervention. Narayana Health Group has a team of internationally recognized surgical oncologists specializing in head and neck cancers, otorhinolaryngologists, audiometrists, specialists for the management of pain, and palliative specialists for head and neck cancer. The goals of therapy at Narayana Health Group are: preservation of organs, restoration of form and function by radiation, reconstructive surgery, and intensive rehabilitation. Narayana Health Group also has a thyroid clinic that specialises in rapid diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders, a large proportion of which can turn out to be cancer. Some notable features of the head and neck oncology department at Narayana Health Group are:immediate consultation with a vast team of specialists, a multidisciplinary approach to arriving at a treatment plan, cutting edge imaging and biopsy techniques to facilitate an accurate diagnosis, and cytology, lymph node mapping, iodine tagged whole body scan and FDG-PET scan. Visit a specialist right away if you suspect you might have a head and neck issue, especially if you have a history of cancer in the family, or are a smoker. Appointments can be made through a phone call or the hospital website. Narayana Health is definitely the best Head and Neck surgery hospital in Shimoga.