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Internal medicine is a stream that focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases in adults. The diseases range from the chronic to the acute. The department of internal medicine is also responsible for providing preventative care, screening programs, mammograms, etc. A doctor of internal medicine also helps the patient make a treatment schedule and establish an effective routine. Department of Internal Medicine at Narayana Health Group, Shimoga affords all-inclusive diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic medical facilities for every single patient. The department of internal medicine provides modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities to all its patients, to ensure top-notch care. The doctors are additionally trained in the managing patients who have difficult to diagnose or multisystem illnesses. The department is the perfect place for a patient to start if the system requiring treatment is uncertain; the patient is assessed here and sent to the appropriate specialist. The department of internal medicine is responsible for coordinating a patient’s treatment plan with all other required departments. So, if you are unwell and unsure of which doctor to visit, this is often the case, book an appointment with the department of internal medicine so we can point you in the right direction. Appointments can be made either through the website or a phone call.