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A gastrointestinal surgeon treats diseases of the digestive system (this includes the stomach, the intestines and all the other associated organs). A gastrointestinal surgeon can have a sub-specialisation in a number of streams; most notable of which are hepatology and proctology, which are associated with treating diseases of the liver, and rectal and anal regions that require surgical intervention. Diagnoses are often arrived at by visualizing the insides using tiny cameras; the procedures more commonly used being either an endoscopy or colonoscopy. The diseases treated range from what might appear small, like an ulcer or an obstruction up to more serious conditions like cancer. Gastrointestinal surgeons work with clinical gastroenterologists who help arrive at a primary diagnosis. Few other commonly encountered conditions that require the expertise of a gastrointestinal surgeon are, inflamed hemorrhoids (commonly known as piles), diseases of the pancreas (which can ultimately lead to diabetes), and different liver diseases, the most common in our country being, cancer of the liver. Our digestive system is a complicated, fine-tuned system, the proper running of which is essential to leading a comfortable healthy life. If any disease is suspected, visit a specialist right away and avoid untoward, irreversible complications. Narayana Health Group, Shimoga, has a Gastroenterology department with a crack team of surgeons whose main goal is the alleviation of disease, so you can go back to leading a normal life. So contact the department of gastroenterology at Narayana Health Group, Shimoga with any related queries and concerns, and ensure good health. Appointments can be made either by a simple phone call, or through the hospital website.