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Gastroenterology is the medical branch that deals with treating disorders of the digestive system (this includes the stomach, the intestines and the organs associated). A physician that has specialised in this field is called a gastroenterologist. Some subspecialities of gastroenterology are hepatology and proctology which deal with treating diseases of the liver and the rectal areas respectively. A gastroenterologist uses and endoscope to examine the insides and treats diseases ranging from a stomach upset and irritable bowel syndrome up to hepatitis C and different types of cancers. Gastroenterologists don?t perform surgeries, they treat diseases using drugs. However, it is often required of them to work in tandem with a gastrointestinal surgeon. Some of the other areas of expertise of a gastroenterologist are inflamed haemorrhoids (piles), diseases of the pancreas (which can ultimately lead to diabetes), and different liver diseases. The gastrointestinal system is vast and complex. If a disease of any kind, even with the mildest of symptoms is suspected, visit a specialist immediately to avoid complications that could be irreversible, or highly uncomfortable at the least. Narayana Hospitals has the top gastroenterology department in Shimoga that is focused on providing relief from any illness. The dedicated group of doctors in the Gastroenterology department at Narayana Hospital, Shimoga are focused on figuring out simple and effective solutions to all your ailments. So contact the department either through the website, or via phonecall to book an appointment, so you can address any concerns and queries you may have, and ensure good health.
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