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A medical laboratory is a laboratory where tests are performed on samples obtained from patients to help confirm a diagnosis and chalk out the treatment plan. Laboratories work hand-in-hand with almost every department in a hospital. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, a lab helps identify diseases at an early stage and prevents spread. In a specialised hospital like Narayana Health Group, a large majority of clinical decisions are made using information obtained through laboratory tests, as these are accurate and help rule out all other possibilities. Lab analysis is helpful in determining the appropriate drug to treat a patient, so precious time is not wasted in using resistant drugs. The laboratory at Narayana Health Group is one of the most superior hospital labs in the country, and is the best laboratory in Shimoga. The laboratory is equipped with modern auto-analyzers that have lab interfacing and integrated systems for the analysis of biological samples. The hospital has various specialised departments that provide very specific investigations and services; namely:cytology, biochemistry, haematology, cytogenetics, histology, pathology, metabolic assays, serology, molecular genetic studies, and microbiology (which includes virology and parasitology), to name a few. Narayana Health delivers top quality and very reasonably priced laboratory services that are essential to proper patient care. Either for a routine evaluation, or to diagnose an illness, book an appointment to avail the facilities that the laboratory at Narayana Healthcare has to offer. Bookings can be made via phone or through the website.