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Anesthesiologists help ensure the safety of patients undergoing surgery. It is their responsibility to administer medication that ensures that the patient does not experience pain or discomfort during a surgical procedure. The different types of anesthesia that are administered are - general anesthesia (here the patient is made unconscious, or put to sleep in a highly controlled and regulated manner), sedation (here medication is administered to make the patient calm and unaware, and to alleviate anxiety), regional anesthesia (here injections are given locally to numb only the area being operated upon, patients are generally conscious here, but experience no pain). It is the duty of the anesthetist to meet with and evaluate a patient prior to the surgery, and to co-ordinate with the surgical team. This is to ensure that the patient is physically ready for the operation. Ensuring that the surgery goes smoothly is the top priority of an anesthesiologist. In the case of an ill patient, the surgery is often postponed to give time for restoring health. This reduces potential risk considerably. Additionally, an anesthesiologist works towards reducing post-operative pain. This can be achieved in a number of ways. But the role of an anesthesiologist is much wider than merely putting a patient under for a surgery. They are significantly involved in a host of other procedures; performing patient evaluations in critical care units (CCUs), handling emergencies, and providing pain management advice to name a few. The anesthesiologist provides the patient with care, to prevent the pain and anguish that usually comes with a surgical procedure.Narayana Health Group is a multispeciality hospital chain, with a highly reputable Anaesthesia department. Narayana Health Group provide healthcare of exceptional quality, with healthcare providers whose primary concern is the comfort and wellbeing of the patient. Narayana Health Group, Shimoga has some of the best doctors in Anaesthesiology who have cutting edge medical facilities at their disposal. The department has an impressive reputation for administering top-notch care in Shimoga. Give the hospital a call to book an appointment or if you have an queries. Appointments can also be made through the website.