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Pathology refers to the study of disease in terms of its causes and effects. This branch of medicine involves examination of surgically removed organs, tissues (biopsy samples), bodily fluids, and in certain cases, the whole body (autopsy). A physician specialising in pathology is called a pathologist. At NH hospitals, the department offers histopathology(microscopic examination of tissue) and cytopathology (study of diseases on the cellular level) services. Annually, we receive large numbers of histology and cytology specimens as well as cervical smears. The department prepares reports on tissue biopsies, cancer biopsies and complex cancer resections. We also report on fine needle aspirations and fluid cytology specimens. NH is equipped with an excellent panel of immunohistochemical markers to assist in diagnosis. With such a rich collection of resources, our team effectively guides doctors to treat common diseases and use genetic technologies in life-threatening cases. At NH Pathology department in Raipur, scientists with specialist laboratory training study samples from a patient’s body to comprehend what’s making them unwell. All our doctors and other medical staff have access to pathological labs and guidance for accurate diagnosis and treatment. If you are looking for the top pathology hospital in Raipur that provides quality services, you can call us or book an appointment online to access the best pathologists and diagnostic resources in Raipur instantly. Reliable healthcare within your reach at Narayana Health Group’s Hospital.