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Developing countries like India portray increasing trends of severe digestive disorders that are discovered to be getting more chronic day by day. Narayana Health Group's Gastroenterology department in Raipur works in conjunction with the Surgical Gastroenterology in Raipur itself to provide best quality gastro-surgery experience. Capable of world-class care for its patients with gastrointestinal problems that need surgical correction, the unit is fully equipped with advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques. Such facilities help treat various gastrointestinal conditions with individualised care including gastrointestinal cancer patients. Patients have access to minimally invasive surgeries, promising a rapid recovery and quick rehabilitation.The department has individually dedicated clinics to offer specialised care for patients specific surgical gastrointestinal conditions.Liver Clinic: This clinic provides full range of healthcare for chronic liver disease and liver cancers. Obesity Clinic: Obesity is an offshoot of the modern era. The clinic offers Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy etc. that are tailored to personal health and body type. Colorectal Clinic: Early diagnosis and medical protocol for the treatment and management of colorectal malignancy is offered by a dedicated team of surgeons, medical gastroenterologists, Medical oncologists, and Stoma nurses. Hernia Clinic: Our team of surgeons offer advanced laparoscopic and open abdominal hernia repair surgeries to patients. You can call us or book an appointment online with a top Gastroenterology surgery specialist in Raipur for reliable healthcare at your fingertips.