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Developing countries like India show increasing trends of severe digestive disorders which are getting chronic as the time goes on. In light of such conditions, Narayana Health Gastroenterology unit aims to provide a diverse range of services from management of advanced gastrointestinal tumours and pancreatic cysts to severe illnesses such as H. Pylori infection, gallstones, ulcerative colitis, colon polyps and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux).. , Narayana Health Gastroenterology department in Raipur excels in top quality diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases through minimally invasive technology. Vigilant and close monitoring throughout detection, diagnosis and treatment facilitates the patients with access to the best Gastroenterology services. There are SPECIAL CLINICS dedicated solely towards liver and obesity management at Narayana Health Group. Our team of top Gastroenterologists in Raipur are veterans and have complete expertise in the spectrum management of gastrointestinal, liver, pancreato-biliary and bowel diseases. This includes disorders such as Inflammatory and irritable bowel diseases, Malabsorption syndrome, Gastrointestinal bleeds, Chronic diarrhoea, Constipation, Acute liver failure, Biliopancreatic disorders and malignancies and more. The department in Raipur is multi-dimensional and coordinates with departments of surgical gastroenterology, medical oncology, radiology, radiotherapy, anaesthesiology and intensive care specialists. You can call us or book an appointment online with a top Gastroenterology specialist in Raipur if you want reliable healthcare at your fingertips.