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In today’s world, medical emergencies are increasing in number every single day. Every hospital in the country reports a rising number of emergency cases that are trauma-related, surgical, gynaecological, paediatric emergencies and more. Narayana Health Group's Emergency department in Raipur is well-equipped with the most advanced technologies and equipment that take care of acute cases in minimum time. The medical team of nurses, physicians and relevant personnel work round the clock to deal with all levels of medical emergencies. The department is equipped to deliver quality healthcare with its advanced emergency rooms, highly experienced doctors, excellent paramedics and trained nursing staff who are well-versed in handling all degrees of medical emergencies. Narayana Health provides the highest quality of top emergency medical care. Narayana Health Group is well-run with state-of-the-art ambulances, inbuilt ICU services, emergency drugs. It has a vigilant preliminary screening area where patients are segregated based on severity and then directed to appropriate areas of healthcare. Top quality ER staffed with Emergency Medicine physicians who are capable of managing all kinds of emergencies, a highly advanced Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for critical care. The services include ventilators, defibrillators, resuscitation cots, ABG facility, emergency kits, haemodialysis, ECMO, MARS, separate resuscitation bays and decontamination room. Narayana Health is emergency-ready 24/7 to serve its patients.