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A healthy heart is an essential component of life. Beating in the center of the chest, it pumps blood to and from different parts of the body continuously throughout your life. As the years go by, cardiac complications may arise as the ability of the body to maintain a healthy heart is compromised. It can be due to various physiological or environmental reasons. Broadly, Cardiac or heart surgery deals with operations on the heart and its supporting structure. Cardiology is a vital branch of medicine that involves diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, narrowed and hardened arteries, heart failure, malfunctioning heart valves etc. A cardiologist specializes in diagnosing and treating all types of heart conditions that can arise at different stages of adulthood. Diagnosis involves tests such as C.T. scans, radioactive imaging, echocardiography and tailored stress tests that help to identify the problem by monitoring heart activity. Surgery can be invasive or non-invasive. Blocked arteries are generally treated by angioplasty or stents to release blood flow. A tube like instrument called catheter is used to correct narrowed arteries or valve defects. In case of rhythmic problems, pacemakers are inserted to regulate the beats. Narayana Health Group has the best Cardiac surgery department in Raipur that has a top record of excellence in succesful treatment. It gives you access to top cardiologists in Raipur that carefully examine, diagnose and treat your heart with precision and care. Get access to compassionate healthcare in Raipur. If you are looking for specialised heartcare that you can trust, go for the best cardiac surgery department in Raipur at Narayana Health Group.