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One of the key areas of medical care today is anaesthesiology as most operative procedures cannot be performed without proper anaesthesia. A qualified anaesthesiologist plays an indispensable role in the realm of medicine, especially in critical care, severe trauma and emergency cases. Surgery requires administration of anaesthetic drugs into the patient’s body through inhalation or injection. It is primarily given to control physical pain and stabilize vital body functions such as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. There are three main types of anaesthesia namely, local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia. The type depends on the kind, severity and location of the surgery. Blocking the nervous system from feeling pain or temporary senseless unconsciousness are the general routes undertaken to prevent chronic discomfort and allow the patient to tolerate the procedure. Needless to say, careful analysis and assessment is vital. If you’re looking for an anaesthesiologist, you have come to the right place. Narayana Health Group is a chain of multi-specialty hospitals that provide the best Anaesthesia and Critical Care in Raipur and have top doctors to ensure quality healthcare services. With excellent medical facility accessible to all, Narayana Health Group’ in Raipur runs a top Anaesthesiology department equipped with world-class infrastructure and dedicated professionals. You can call us or book an appointment online with an Anaesthesia and Critical Care doctor of your choice at Narayana Health Group in Raipur.