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Pulmonology is a medical specialty within internal medicine that deals with the health of the respiratory system, particularly the lungs, lower airway, breathing control, and their impact on blood oxygenation. A pulmonologist can treat any condition from asthma to tuberculosis. Therefore, the specialty is sometimes also referred to as thoracic medicine, respiratory medicine, chest medicine, etc. A dedicated team of pulmonologists at Narayana Health Group offers comprehensive treatment procedures for pulmonary diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), occupational lung diseases, and even snoring. The team also works with Bariatric Surgeons and ENTs. So, if you are struggling with respiratory disease, you can plan a consultation with some of the best pulmonologists in India at Narayana Health Group. Beyond that, the patients will be given a personalized treatment plan comprising of medications, therapies, and pulmonary rehabilitation for a faster recovery.