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Mental illnesses can be debilitating for both the individual and their families. To treat such disorders, Narayana Health Group offers comprehensive psychiatric treatments for people of all ages. It houses a team of clinical psychologists and clinical psychiatrists for the treatment and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders. They can perform a variety of medical laboratory and psychological tests in conjunction with discussions to get the whole picture of the patients physical and mental state. Some of the specialist services offered at Narayana Health Group are neuropsychiatry, addiction medicine, memory clinics, liaison, and child psychiatry. Most of the mental health disorders can be treated or controlled with many pharmacological and psychosocial interventions. Other services include psychological assessment, memory, intelligence, learning difficulty and disability, psychotherapy, family therapy, marital therapy, behaviour therapy, counselling, and coaching. The psychiatrist and clinical psychology department understands that patients can have unique needs. Thus, it ensures that patients are treated with great sensitivity.