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You may need to consult a paediatric neurosurgeon if your child is facing problems that affect their head, spine, or nervous system. A child neurosurgeon or a paediatric neurosurgeon caters to neurosurgical problems arising in children. Narayana Health Group has some of the best paediatric neurosurgeons in India who are experts in performing various paediatric neurosurgey procedures involving head deformities, spine deformities, spasticity, birth injuries, or other injuries in the brain or spine. Some of the most common neurosurgical disorders in children that paediatric neurosurgeons treat are arachnoid cysts, brachial plexus injury, brain tumours, cerebral palsy, chiari malformation, craniofacial syndromes, craniosynostosis, skeletal dysplasia, spinal cord tumours, hydrocephalus, and vascular abnormalities. Get in touch with us to book an appointment with a paediatric neurosurgeon near you.