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Urology is the department in medical science that deals with the diseases diagnosis and treatment of the urinary tract which consists of organs like kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra. There are many urological sub-specialties like pediatric urology, female urology, renal transplant, male infertility, neurourology and more. Common diseases that patients of this department face are hematuria, UTIs, bladder prolapse, prostate cancer, stone related diseases, erectile dysfunction etc. Pediatrics urology medical cases are commonly seen in children. Narayana Health Group in Mysore is one of the best multi-speciality hospitals in the country with the best urologists providing their services there. Will a well-equipped department, the patients have access to the best treatment. Depending on your complaint, you can seek an appointment with a relevant specialist or sub-specialist of this department. The appointment can be booked online or by phone. The hospital is located in a serene location and the management provides free OPD services to the patient of every department. Free shutters run for the patients from the hospital to the city at regular intervals. The support staff are helpful and the other healthcare staff tend to their duties diligently. A patient can get comprehensive treatment for their ailments.