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A vital department, department of radiation oncology deals with the field of medical science that is involved in the treatment of cancer with the assistance of controlled use of radiation. This treatment procedure is known as radiotherapy or radiation therapy. The administration of radiation is an important aspect in the treatment of cancer patients no matter what kind of cancer are they suffering from. It aids immensely to reduce the physical pain caused due to cancer along with its treatment. When radiation is given as a mode of treatment with other treatment procedures, it is medically termed as radiation oncology procedures. The team involved in the treatment of patients not only consist of radiologists and radiation therapists. In the southern part of the country, the Narayana Health Group in Mysore is a name to reckon with which treats lakhs of patients each year with cancer. It is a multi-speciality hospital with the top and best team of radiation oncologists down south. With their expertise and a fully equipped radiation oncology department, they see to the fact that the patients receive not only the right treatment but also in a cost-effective way. They cater to treatment radiotherapy techniques like IGRT, SRT, VMAT, IMRT and more.