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Pulmonology is the field in medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system of the body. Tuberculosis and asthma are commonly occurring pulmonology diseases. This branch can be further subdivided into specialities like interventional pulmonology, neuromuscular diseases, obstructive lung disease and others. Diseases can be categorised into inflammatory, structural, infectious and autoimmune. Professionals in this department work often with specialists of other departments in the process of treatment of patients. Respiratory disorders can spread to other body parts and hence specialists of other medical departments also join in the process of the treatment. At Narayana Health Group in Mysore, patients have access to good treatment from the best pulmonologists with convenience. The support staff and customer care staff are well-trained to handle a huge number of patients at any given time. Prominent features of this hospital is a 2000 spot OPD. booking an appointment with the specialists is an easy task and is hassle-free. It can be done via phone or via their official website. Pulmonologists play an important part in the treatment of patients in the intensive care unit too and this hospital has a fully-equipped I.C.U. As the hospital is located in a serene and calm atmosphere in outskirts of Mysore city, patients can feel an extra feeling of relaxation too.