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The psychiatry & clinical psychology is an important department in any hospital as it deals with patients who have ailments which are related to the mind. Psychiatry deals with the diseases which occur due to psychological disturbances while psychiatry involves treatment of patients with mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Certain diseases can be treated either way but the treatment modules will differ and cases are handled differently in both situations. Let us take an example; Psychologist vs psychiatrist for depression - for the treatment of depression, a psychiatrist can treat the patient with the help of medications while a psychologist cannot prescribe medicines and will treat the patient using the technique of counselling which will involve neuropsychological tests and behavioural observations. Also, the medical conditions that the former treat are of serious nature like suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, panic attacks etc. such patients also need a caretaker by their side most of the time who also needs prope counselling on how to deal with the patients. At Narayana Health Group in Mysore, Karnataka, this aspect is taken into consideration during the treatment of a patient. A patient can receive treatment from the most caring and best psychologists and psychiatrists at this multi-speciality hospital. Family members of people who suffer from such problems of the mind should not delay in consulting the relevant specialist in order to diagnose and start treatment as soon as possible.