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  • Dr. Anand Lingan

    Dr. Anand Lingan

    Consultant MD (Paediatrics), DNB (Cardiology), Fellowship (Interventional Cardiology), FSCAI

    • SpecialityCardiology - Paediatric

    • HospitalMysore - Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Mysore

    • Mysore
Paediatric cardiology is a sub-speciality of cardiology which diagnoses and treats cardiac diseases in children below the age of 18 years. Cardiac problems in children are increasing at an alarming rate. Some of the cardiac problems could be structural in nature, where children are born with heart conditions and others involve electrical system that control heartbeat. The contributing factors may include sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, obesity, childhood diabetes, lack of physical activity, congenital or smoking and alcoholism in mother during pregnancy. These problems could be managed by medications while some might need surgical interventions. Paediatric cardiologists are trained to handle congenital heart diseases such as holes between chambers of the heart, valve problem and abnormal blood vessels and arrhythmias caused by abnormal conduction of the electrical system of the heart. Narayana Health is one of the best child heart care hospital in Mysore. The dedicated team of paediatric cardiologists provide world class treatment with highest quality of care. Some services that are offered at Narayana Health are diagnostic electrophysiology studies, catheter ablation of arrhythmias, lead extraction, cardioversion, pacemaker implantation and follow-up care. To give your child the best possible care, visit our dedicated team of specialists who give importance to instant and proper treatment and recovery.
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