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The division of medical sciences that deal with the treatment of eye ailments after its diagnosis is called the department of ophthalmology. Such ailments can be congenital as well as occur in individuals of all age groups. Treatment of these ailments needs to done effectively and timely, otherwise, there can be adverse effects on the eye of the patient. Certain diagnosis of eye ailments needs surgeries too. The Narayana Health Group in Mysore is well equipped in terms of staff, eye specialists doctors and health care staff and infrastructure as well to handle both OPD and surgical cases of the varied types of ey diseases. So, if you encountering any sort of eye issues which causes any discomfort to you, then you seek immediately consult an eye doctor for it. This multi-speciality hospital has a team of the best ophthalmologists in the region who use their skills and expertise in addressing the problems of the patient. Some commonly occurring eye ailments ae glaucoma, cataract, cornea related diagnosis etc. Treatments of eye problems can be treated using laser treatments, surgical procedures and medications. After your diagnosis, if you wish to know more on your disease, you can easily read about it on online opthalmology journals. This will give you an idea on the condition and help in you as a patient addressing the problem more effectively. The hospital addresses patients need to the core and also focusses on counselling caregivers of the patients. It also assures holistic treatment.