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The department of obstetrics & gynaecology is the field in medical science that deals with female reproductive health. While obstetrics deal with pregnant women and delivery of babies, gynaecology deals with ailments related tot he female reproductive systems and organs. The obstetricians and gynaecologists provide not only therapeutic and surgical remedies to their patients but also counselling which is vital in some cases. Obstetrics is also trained to treat the various complications and complexities that can arise during pregnancy like ectopic pregnancy, fetal distress, high blood pressure and other many types of diseases. Gynaecology also includes endocrinology, pelvic virulence and female urology. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of young girls and teenagers too along with adults. The diagnosis of obstetrics & gynaecology is the department of diagnostic and medical tests and treated with medicine and/or medications. This department at Narayana Health Group in Mysore has an experienced team of top obstetricians & gynaecologists. It is a multi-speciality hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the latest equipment and medical instruments. It has six operation theatres, blood bank, pharmacy and a large dialysis unit apart from the OPD which caters to the needs of hundreds of patients who come for a consultation for their unwellness. The management of the hospital also provides free shuttle service to the patients from the hospital to the city.