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The division of science that deals with diseases related to the brain, spinal column and spinal cord are referred to as Neurosurgery. The specialists of this department not only diagnose and treat neurological disorders but are also responsible for the preventative measures to be taken in patients susceptible to such ailments. The two types of neurosurgery approach to treatments can either be surgical or non-surgical. The mode of treatment definitely depends on the type of ailment the patient is suffering from as well as the intensity to which the ailment has reached to. Another major and vital aspect that the neurologists look into is the rehabilitation and improvement of patients once the treatment is over. This is as important as the treatment of the patient. Apart from the doctors, other health care professionals and caregivers form part of the team in the rehabilitation process of the patient. In many cases, the neurosurgeons have to work with doctors of other specialities during the treatment of the patient. This is true vice-versa too. The Narayana hospital in Mysore, Karnataka is a multi-speciality hospital in the region which has a team of India?s best neurosurgeons who work towards the purpose of giving the best treatment to the patients with utmost recovery. The support staff of this hospital and other health care professionals along with the management staff purvey to every need of the patient. The services of this hospital can be availed at an affordable cost.
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