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Nephrology is the branch of medicine that deals with kidneys, their normal functioning and disorders. Nephrologists aim to preserve the health of kidneys and manage various disorders using diet, medication and renal replacement therapy. Nephrologists treat various kinds of kidney diseases ranging from acute and chronic renal failures to acid-base electrolyte disorders, renal hypertension and perform complex procedures like renal transplantation and renal denervation for uncontrolled hypertension. Some of the common symptoms experienced for kidney disorders include fatigue, weight loss, changes in urine output, swelling around ankles and sleep problems. Individuals with heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and those with a family history of kidney diseases are at a higher risk and require early screening. Simple blood tests to predict renal function can give a rough idea about kidney health, with its values, for instance a rise in albumin level predicts a decline in kidney function. A nephrologist is trained to perform several tests and evaluate results for various kidney conditions. Narayana Health Grouphas an expert team of nephrologists and state-of-art equipment that cater to complex nephrological conditions. The nephrology department is furnished with high-tech and modern equipment and facilities that provides round the clock services. For the same reason, NH is one of the best hospital for kidney care in Mysore. The Nephrology department offers services like continuous renal replacement therapy, kidney transplant, plasma dialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney biopsies. Give your family the best care at Narayana Health