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Gastroenterological surgery is used in the surgical treatment and repair of parts of the body that are involved in digestion. Surgeries maybe minor in nature which are useful for screening and diagnosis of diseases. There are major surgeries like surgeries for appendicitis, diverticular disease, gall bladder disease or cancer of the digestive tract. Surgery is a life-saving option in conditions where medicine or diet provide no cure. Gastrointestinal surgery is either open which is done by cutting into the body using a scalpel and other tools or minimally invasive in which small incisions are made in the body and a tube with camera is inserted and surgery is performed. Minimally invasive surgeries reduce risk and ensure speedy recovery. The best hospital for gastrointestinal surgery in India, is Narayana Health Group situated in Mysore. The surgical gastroenterology department at NH provides state-of-art services using minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopic surgery that ensures faster recover and quicker return to normal life. The dedicated liver clinic offers options for ultrasound guided liver surgeries which are safer as well as options for liver transplant. The obesity clinic specialises in bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy. Hernia surgeries are dealt either with advanced laparoscopic surgeries or open hernia repair surgeries. Th rising colorectal malignancies are dealt by early detection, diagnosis by screening in high-risk individuals. The patients are offered laparoscopic colorectal surgery that gives them complete oncological clearance with faster recovery.