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The branch of medicine that focuses on the health of the digestive tract and its disorders is gastroenterology. A gastroenterologist treats all conditions from irritable bowel syndrome to hepatitis. They focus on hepatology, pancreatic diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, GERD, acid reflux, ulcers, gastrointestinal cancer, polyps, haemorrhoids and jaundice. They perform procedures like endoscopic and colonoscopy examinations, sigmoidoscopies, liver biopsies, double balloon enteroscopies as part of diagnosis. Symptoms that warrant a visit to the gastroenterologist are unexplained blood in stool, difficulty in swallowing and abdominal pain. Narayana Health Group confers comprehensive care to all its patients understanding the evolving nature of gastrointestinal diseases in developing countries. NH makes use of minimally invasive diagnostic techniques, and focuses on early detection, diagnosis, treatment and speedy recovery of patients. NH has some of the top gastroenterologists who are stationed in Mysore, experienced in the management of gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic-biliary and bowel diseases. A dedicated liver clinic that is a one stop solution for patients with chronic liver disease and liver cancer. Patients are counselled for liver transplant and given long-term care. A dedicated obesity clinic also functions, where comprehensive care, surgical options and long-term management is offered for obesity. This department at NH works in tandem with surgical gastroenterology, oncology, radiology, radiotherapy and intensive care specialists. Visit the team of experts at NH for a complete, compassionate and comprehensive care.