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A specialist who is concerned with the diseases of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck is an E.N.T physician. They are also known as otolaryngologists. The common disorders that the E.N.T specialists encounter are hearing and balance disorders, ear infections, perforated eardrums, otitis media and tinnitus. Disorders of nose like nasal polyps, nasal obstruction, smell disorders, allergies and sinus problems. They treat throat conditions like tonsillitis, adenoid problems, swallowing problems, snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. They also treat cancer of the head, neck and throat. These specialists are also trained to handle simple cases of stuffy nose, clogged ears or sore throat and perform complex surgeries to restore hearing of middle ear, open blocked airways, sleep apnoea and swimmer’s ears in children. They treat people belonging to all age from newborns to the elderly. The E.N.T department at Narayana Health Group is one of the best in the industry in Mysore that house some top specialists who are veterans in the field. It offers a full range of ENT services with high standard of care. The department has state-of-art facilities for advanced ENT care such as operating microscopes, endoscopes, carbon dioxide laser in addition to the TV monitoring and video recording of surgical procedure. For a world class service, visit our ENT specialists at NH, Mysore.