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Emergency medicine is a speciality of medicine that is concerned with illness or injuries that require immediate attention. Emergency medicine physician provide unscheduled and undifferentiated care for people of all age groups. They are the first in line providers of care and their main aim is immediate recognition, evaluation, care, stabilization to adult and paediatric patients in acute illness or injury. It is in the triage area that the patients are segregated on the basis of their severity and send to appropriate specialities. The emergency medicine physicians work in close collaboration with all the specialists as emergency care does not begin and end in the emergency room. Hospitals encounter medical emergencies on a daily basis in the form of trauma or any medical, surgical, gynaecological and paediatric emergencies. Narayana Health Group, provides the highest quality and technologically advanced emergency care. The emergency department is supported by highly trained staff who are some of the top specialists in the field in Mysore and is backed by modern infrastructure with advanced emergency rooms, paramedics and staff nurse who work tirelessly wound the clock. They have a dedicated critical care unit, resuscitation bay, decontamination bay for poison cases and isolation bay for infectious diseases. in case of unexpected medical emergencies, do not hesitate to visit our team of experts at NH.