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Critical care medicine is essential to reduce mortality rate in the country. It helps to provide timely care by appropriate and life-saving interventions. Medical emergencies are increasing at an exponential rate and every hospital encounters an increasing number of acute cases. Therefore, there is a need for adequate resources which includes well-equipped and sophisticated emergency rooms with agile doctors, paramedics and nurses who can handle any given emergency. Some of the common critical conditions that are encountered on a daily basis include haemodynamic instability caused by hypertension or hypotension, respiratory compromise, lethal cardiac problems, acute renal failure, other gynaecological, medical, surgical and paediatric emergencies. Anaesthesia is crucial during any surgical process. It helps to reduce risk and maximize outcome for the patient by rendering the patient unconscious and preventing the perception of pain, during the surgical process. Narayana Health Group has one of the most advanced and best in class Critical Care Unit in the country, that functions round the clock and helps save precious lives. They are manned by some of the best and highly-qualified critical care specialists and anaesthologists in Mysore. This unit is technologically advanced and resource intensive that integrates many specialities and diverse technologies. During any medical emergency, walk into the Anaesthology and Critical Care Unit of NH without hesitation.