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  • Dr. Akhil Tawari

    Dr. Akhil Tawari

    Consultant M.B.B.S; M.S Ortho; D.N.B Ortho; D – Ortho Pediatric Spine Fellowships trained in the USA (Danville PA, Boston MA & Miami FL)

    • SpecialityOrthopaedics, Paediatrics, Spine Surgery

    • HospitalMumbai - SRCC Children's Hospital

    • Mumbai
  • Dr. Sambhav Shah

    Dr. Sambhav Shah

    Consultant MS (Orthopaedics), Fellowship in Scoliosis Surgery & Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    • SpecialitySpine Surgery

    • HospitalMumbai - SRCC Children's Hospital

    • Mumbai
The spine or vertebral column is an important structure that serves as a pillar to support the body’s weight. A healthy spine is important to ensure a good quality of life. However, the spine is susceptible to several disorders such as Spina bifida, Spondylolisthesis and Spinal disc herniation (slipped disc). It can also be affected by injuries caused by accidents, sports etc. Other spinal issues include birth defects and spinal tumors. Our modern, sedentary lifestyle has resulted in an increased risk of back pains and injuries, and as a consequence, the increasing need for spinal surgeries. Narayana Health Group is among the best spine surgery hospitals in India. The hospital provides top spinal cord doctors who can handle complex spinal surgeries. Our Orthopaedic and Neurosurgeons carry with them years of training, experience and practice. They are equipped with the latest in surgical instruments and are supported by capable medical professionals to ensure the right diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with spinal ailments. Our physiotherapists and support staff are there to help patients recover mobility and freedom after their surgical procedures. If you are looking for an appointment with us, please give us a call or schedule an online appointment.