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The department of paediatric neurosurgery at Narayana Health is highly specialised and is capable of providing comprehensive treatment and care to children of all ages. Narayana Health is among the few hospitals in the country to have a team of experienced paediatric neurosurgeons on its staff with the prerequisite expertise and the state-of-the-art medical equipment required to provide paediatric neurosurgical services round the clock. Narayana Health also has modern facilities that are specifically designed to accommodate and cater to the individual needs of children. The doctors are assisted by a team of highly trained nurses and other medical support staff. The department is equipped with advanced medical equipment such as CT and MRI scanners. The paediatric intensive care units are used in providing children with the best care possible. The multi-disciplinary approach at Narayana Health ensures that every medical and surgical requirement of the child is covered by the appropriate specialists such as - anaesthesiologists, neurologists, oncologists, and others. The paediatric neurosurgery team specialises in handling a wide range of medical problems, some of which are ? congenital neurological defects, epilepsy requiring surgical intervention, spinal birth defects, nerve trauma, stroke, and brain tumours. Narayana Health has the best paediatric neurosurgeons in Mumbai. Call the hospital or use the website to make an appointment.